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Creative Calm Yoga Studio presents 200+hour Yoga Teacher Training Manchester


Our yoga teacher training Manchester is in person at our independent holistic Creative Calm Yoga Studio, Prestwich, Manchester.

Yoga has stood the test of time, underpinning most of the well-being practices of today. If you’ve clicked onto this page, we are guessing you already know this first hand.

Yoga is a transformational practice & your yoga teacher training journey just takes this further.

Your Yoga teacher training will enhance your knowledge & understanding, adding to your skill set to serve your community, through Yoga. 

Karen at the Creative Calm Yoga Studio

Course Details

Our yoga teacher training in Manchester encompasses yoga practises that can be woven into your own personal practise. We offer a monthly road map that at the heart of it are the yogic teachings of Ahimsa (the art of kindness, compassion and non-harming) Satya (the art of honesty and truthfulness) and Svadhyaya (the art of self-study and personal growth) 

We weave in Somatics to enable the Yoga to be embodied. Not so much as ‘Yoga Journal Cover’ but ‘how does this feel for you’. 
The course covers Hatha Yoga, embodied anatomy, bio-mechanics, philosophy, business skills and so much more.


We look to find ways to bring the teachings and topics to life, so you can enjoy learning in a style that suits you. 
This training respectfully honours the rich history of yoga whilst adapting it for the modern life.

Karen will be your main teacher and for most of the course, she will have either Justine or an assistant with her so that you get to hear more than one person’s way of how to teach and hear their own experiences as both teachers and their own personal practises.

Karen will be bringing her knowledge of embodied anatomy, yoga, somatics & bio-mechanics. She will integrate other elements of yoga, including mantra, mudra and pranayama all neatly woven in with yoga philosophy. This will give you a rounded practise and enable you to teach with confidence & creativity.

Details for March 2024
Your investment is £2950. An initial £500 deposit will secure your place (non-refundable) the remainder of the course fee – £2450 is available to pay monthly by standing order (monthly payments of £255 for 10 months include an admin fee).

Dates for 2024/5
22 23 Mar   
26 27 April   
17 18 May   
14 15 June 
26 27 July 
23 24 Aug 
20 21 Sept   
18 19 Oct   
22 23 Nov    
13 14 Dec

24 25 Jan   
21 22 Feb  
21 22 Mar  
25 26 April  
16 17 May  
13 14 June  
18 19 July

Who Can Apply?
We ask that you have been regularly practising yoga for 2 years, so that you feel you have a good ground-base to begin your training.

We accept applications from anyone with an interest in either developing their own yoga practise or wishing to train to be a qualified yoga teacher. 

If you are getting a good feeling about us, can commit to the dates below, please get in touch for an application form.

Be brave be bold be you

Karen has a wealth of knowledge and is a walking encyclopaedia regarding movement & somatics. With a warm heart and kind soul.” - Rachel Student

“I am learning and unlearning so much. Everything I thought I knew about yoga is changing, it’s not how it looks, or the precise alignment of your feet, but how it feels in YOUR body. These teachings are showing me what kind of teacher I want to be.” - Polly Student

Yoga Teacher Training in Action in Yoga Studio
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what to expect

Our aim is to help you find your own unique embodied teaching style that comes from within.

You will be encouraged to begin teaching during the course so that we can offer our support via mentoring.  
The training days will be supported by home study.

The training is monthly on a Friday evening (6-9pm) and a Saturday (10-5pm) over 18 months. This timeframe gives you time to fully deep dive & embody all that you learn.
Our course is accredited with Yoga Teachers Together, an independent professional body.
If you are interested in joining us on the course, let us know as soon as possible as we expecting the course to book up and we are limiting numbers to 10 per course.

Our Teachers

Course Teachers
Lead teacher Karen Hadgett & team are experienced Yogis both on & off the mat. Karen has 27 years personal practice alongside 17 years teaching. Proficient in numerous styles of Yoga, a qualified Hanna Somatics Educator, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, & Yoga Therapist. She describes herself as a ‘bedroom DJ of the Yoga world’ as she has spent many years in her room studying as a Yoga, movement and anatomy geek.

Karen loves teachers and classes that have warmth and laughter at the heart of their teachings. She likes to think of herself as a down to earth Stokie who fell in love with Yoga. 
She will be sharing her knowledge alongside Justine Boardman, a fellow teacher at Creative Calm Yoga Studio. Justine has had her own personal practise for 30 years and has been teaching for 10 years. Justine teaches Mindful Yoga and Yin. She has also practised numerous styles of yoga before finding her own unique way to teach. Justine is a qualified and experienced integrative counsellor which means that she uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to help her clients. She uses her therapeutic tools both on and off the mat. Justine is also a school teacher and she brings a light playfulness to her classes. 

We will be bringing in guest teachers on topics such as Mindfulness, Yoga Therapy and marketing so you get good rounded training. 
We all incorporate trauma sensitive language within own teachings, as best we can. 

Creative Calm Yoga Space
You Teacher Training at Creative Calm
Teacher Training Yoga Class
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22- 23 MAR

23 - 24 AUG

26 - 27 APR

20 - 21 SEP

17 - 18 MAY

18 - 19 OCT

14 - 15 JUN

22 - 23 NOV

14 - 15 JUNE

13 - 14 DEC

26 - 27 JUL


24 - 25 JAN

18 - 19 JUL

21 - 22 FEB

21 - 22 MAR

25 - 26 APR

16 - 17 MAY

13 - 14 JUN


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