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Developing Doulas Training Courses

Creative Calm Yoga studio are very proud to partner with the wonderful Developing Doulas to offer thier North in person training programmes. Starting July 2024.


Are you passionate about birth and parenting?

Do you yearn for a way to change the world and a satisfying, fulfilling career?


In Person Training

Doulas are a diverse bunch. We come to this work for many reasons – maybe you had an amazing birth and want to pass on that joy to others. Perhaps you had a challenging time and feel driven to support others to avoid the pitfalls that modern maternity services can present. You may be young, you may be retired. You might identify as any gender or sexuality, but what unites us is a passion for supporting new families.

The Developing Doulas initial doula preparation course has taught over 900 people how to become a doula since 2007. Our unique follow on Doula Development course, ‘Doulavation’ ensures continued help and support as you set up your business.

We are approved by Doula UK and offer courses as an online option or in person.

We are a team of 5 partners, all of whom are committed to providing a high quality doula training and a welcoming, inclusive community for all.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone who wants a doula can get one, and everyone who dreams of being a doula can become one. Talk to us about how we can help you overcome any challenges that you may feel are holding you back.

Find Out More

Have you been thinking about becoming a Doula? If birthwork is calling you, come and find out more!

In Person Training


July 2024 with Aimee
10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th July

Additional day for creative doula self care with yoga and meditation, 15th July. £90 extra.

Manchester Creative Calm Studio Prestwich (10 places available)

Course cost includes lunch so please add £50 to the course fees

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