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We offer one to one private Reiki sessions as well as a full Reiki Training Academy, with Hayley AKA The Yoga Lady & Co owner of the studio. A Reiki Master & Teacher. Hayley is fully qualified and insured with a training lineage back to the original Reiki Master in Japan.

"I feel very privileged & honoured to be a Reiki practitioner & part of this spiritual community. Reiki for me was the beginning of a transformational life journey, the energy underpins everything that I am & all that I do. It is the foundations that The Yoga Lady is built on and really was a light bulb moment for me."

Reiki is not a religion & you don't have to 'believe' to feel the full benefits of the practice.

Put simply Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces the symptoms of stress & anxiety through gentle touch. 

Reiki - My light Bulb moment image

Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy system to support healing.

It is built on the understanding that we are all connected, all living things flow with energy 'ki' and are all connected 'Rei' ( universe ). By allowing this energy to flow freely & ensuring any blockages are removed we can support our overall health & well being. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Powering up our own innate healing system.

"Reiki was my life light bulb moment." - Hayley

A Reiki treatment is relaxing & calming. Promoting a sense of peace, security & wellbeing. Known to reduce stress & improve symptoms of depression & anxiety.

Often people describe a treatment as feeling like a flowing feeling flowing through them. many have reported miraculous results.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing, self improvement that everyone can use.

A qualified Doula & Pregnancy Yoga teacher Hayley offers Reiki throughout pregnancy, postnatally as well as through fertility journeys.

Reiki is used all over the world, including in hospitals and hospices, to complement other forms of health treatments. And now it is available to you too!

Reiki Training Academy

When you are ready to start YOUR Reiki journey we offer a full training academy here at the studio. Hayley is a fully qualified, insured and accredited Reiki Master, Practitioner and Teacher.

Throughout the year we run small training days in all 3 degrees in the Usui method of natural healing, Reiki. Honouring the heritage and origins of Reiki we follow our Reiki masters, and theirs before them, guidance and teachings in the traditional forms.

Level 1 often know as the First Degree is the start of your SELF HEALING journey.

Level 2 or Second Degree is the PRACTITIONERS course.

Level 3 the Final Masters Degree is the TEACHING course.

Anyone can attend Level 1 you don't need any prior experience, or exposure. This is the self healing course and the start of your reiki journey.

There needs to be a minimum 6 month gap between Level 1 and 2. The Second Degree is the practitioners course, after this course you will be fully qualified to begin to practice on others. If you have already completed level 1 elsewhere you can still join me for level 2.

Then if you choose to do so, a further 12 month gap is needed before embarking on your Master level or Teaching Degree.

All course details below. If there isn't a course scheduled that is suitable for you, get in touch through our CONTACT US section to register interest. We can then put one on that works for all.

Thank you for choosing me as your Reiki Master to guide you through.

Hands on or hands of reiki therapy

Reiki Training Academy

Reiki Level 1

The First Degree

- Self Healing course

Colorful Crystal

1 day course £150

This course introduces you to the history, theory, principles & practice of The Usui Reiki Healing System. 

Here you will receive attunements as well as learning the hand positions to heal yourself. ( and others. ) Its a pretty packed day of learning, meditation, self healing & practice.

You will receive your training certificate & qualification on completion of the day. Your Level 1 manual and guide.The group is kept small with very limited numbers.

Lunch is provided as are all props so you literally just need to bring yourself.

During the day we will cover;

- Meaning of Reiki

- The Five Principles of Reiki

- Story & History of Reiki

- Different Schools of Reiki

-What is an attunement & what does it feel like? Post attunement information.

- The actual Reiki attunements, something called Reiki initiation, where the Reiki symbols are placed in your aura.

- Using Reiki

- The Three Pillars of Reiki

- Hand positions for your self and others

-Closing techniques for yourself and others

- The benefits, effects and aftercare from a Reiki treatment.

And of course as you are training with The Yoga Lady there will be some gentle stretches & a couple of guided meditations throughout the day to help you relax and tune in.

And so YOUR journey begins!

Reiki Level 2

The Second Degree

- Practitioners course

Reiki Treatment

2 Day Course £175

During the second degree you will receive a further 4 attunements. At this stage of the training the energy attunement is greatly amplified and its focus is on the etheric body rather than the physical. The etheric body vibrates at a frequency much higher than the denser energy of the physical body. As a result of these attunements students often develop both a greater sensitivity to energy and their psychic awareness.

During the 2nd degree you will be introduced & attuned to 3 energy keys or symbols.

A large part of the training at this level is centred on the understanding and the use of these symbols.

During the course you will recieve;

- A further 4 attunements

- The passing and memorising of 3 Reiki Symbols

- The techniques and practice of distance healing

- Revisit and refine practicing Reiki on others including had positions, timings and other practicalities

- A chance to practice and work with the energy.

Lunch is provided as are all props so you just need to bring yourself.

And of course as you are training with The Yoga Lady there will be some gentle stretches & a couple of guided meditations throughout the day to help you relax and tune in.

On completion of the 2 days you will receive your qualification and certificate. Level 2 manual. 

You are now fully qualified to begin to practice Reiki on others.

Reiki Master

The Third Degree

- Teachers course

2 Day Course £400

This is a one to one course.

The Masters Degree is for those individuals who wish to teach Reiki. Becoming a Reiki Master requires dedication and commitment.

Some schools of Reiki split the Master degree into 2 stages; Reiki Advanced Degree & Reiki Teacher Degree, we however, cover all aspects of the Master degree into one intensive 1-1 course.

This initiation opens up the door to our hidden self & takes us up into the next stage of our evolution. it is for those students who wish to become whole, by owning and becoming responsible for all that they are.

It is essential to wait a minimum of 12 months before embarking upon the Masters Degree.

By this stage you should be Fully conversant on the Chakra system and spiritual issues. You must also have shown a commitment to the regular practice of Reiki and feel committed to passing your experiences and knowledge to others.

During this course;

- 4 attunements

- The passing of a 4th Reiki Master Symbol

- How to prepare and teach the Reiki Degrees

- How to pass on attunements

Lunch is provided as are all props.

As a Reiki master you will be passing on the Usui reiki Tradition and maintaining a commitment to the students for teaching and guiding through their reiki journey. This guidance and commitment must continue long after they have taken their training with you. Please think hard before embarking upon this degree and make sure you will have the dedication required.

It is important to understand that we are all continuously learning when we work with the energy of Reiki. we are all on this wonderful learning curve together.



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